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This year Russ is travelling all over the world again to bring you the most amazing displays of precision driving you will ever see. visit the Gallery pages for unique photographs of some of these events.


Motor Image is the authorised distributor of Subaru automobiles in Singapore. Established in 1986 and headquartered in Singapore, the company has since set up vehicle sales and distribution networks in Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Southern China, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.


Tan Chong International Limited (TCIL) has since its inception in 1957 (more than half a century), grown its assets substantially with solid business footprints in major regions of Asia. TCIL's success hinges on it ability to continuously expand its existing diversified business activities in manufacturing, distribution and retail. Despite our outreach and history, we are comfortable in seeking new opportunities even in unchartered territories.


Pirelli's Tyre Sector has 22 factories and approx. 20.000 employees in Argentina, Brazil, Egypt, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Spain, Turkey, The United and Venezuela. Pirelli's Tyre Sector has also a marketing network covering over 120 countries around the world. The Company is among the world's top tyre manufacturers, with sales of over Euro 2.88 billion in 2000. From a tradition that makes it unique, Pirelli is moving forward quickly, transforming itself every day to meet the challenges of the new millennium.Pirelli's history is very closely linked to the evolution of Motorsport. Ever since their first victory in 1907 in the Peking-Paris raid Pirelli have known how to develop a specific range of competition tyres with a high technological content and excellent performance. The important innovations which have matured in over 90 years of participation in races all over the world have made Pirelli the tyre manufacturer that holds the richest 'palmarès' of victories.


Smith and Allan

Smith & Allan of Darlington are the regions No.1 supplier of Lubricant and paint.

Smith & Allan

Brian James Trailers

For more than 20 years, Brian James Trailers have formed the standard for top quality, lightweight vehicle transporters that enthusiasts and professionals have come to rely upon.And with a location just ten minutes from the Silverstone racetrack in the heart of England, they couldn't be better placed to offer you the best in trailer technology.Brian James Trailers developed the robust, ultra lightweight Auto Trailer to fill the need for a professional car transporter that could be one-man operated with speed and safety. With its unique, no-pump hydraulic deck control and comprehensive equipment package, the Auto Trailer is ready to go straight to work.

Brian James Trailers

Auto Centre

Carl Sturgeon and his team of technicians are always available to discuss your motoring requirements.

The garage has been under Carl's leadership since 1997 and has established a substantial customer base with a large amount of repeat business. We are able to service and repair all makes and models with full diagnostics and BOSA M.O.T. Centre.

Auto Centre


Russ Swift - The Story

The Russ Swift Precision Driving Team, part of Russ Swift Driving Services, was formed in 1981.

As the current British Autotest champion and England Autotest Team Captain, Russ was asked to demonstrate his skills in public on a number of occasions and realised there was a demand for this type of entertainment.

In 1987 a video was sent to an advertising agency suggesting that it would be a good idea to use Russ's skills in a TV commercial. A story was drawn up and Russ was asked to insert some interesting manoeuvres. The resulting Montego "Car Park" commercial was a major success. Although the commercial only ran for 6 weeks It was highly acclaimed all over the world. It was featured at the Cannes Film Festival and in America was voted the world’s most imaginative car commercial.

Since then Russ has established himself as the world’s number one display driver with numerous TV commercials, and car launches to his credit world-wide. Russ has now performed over 8000 displays in over 50 countries including America, South Africa, Taiwan, Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia and Australia.

Russ has revolutionised International Motor Shows. As a result of Russ’s displays at various motorshows many have adopted the “live” theme for the whole show. 85% of visitors to the “British Motorshow Live” at NEC in Birmingham voted Russ’s display the best feature. Other recent Motor Shows include New York, Melbourne, and Singapore.

Recent TV appearances in this country include teaching grannies to do do-nuts on Top Gear, and the do-nut world record.

Over the years, Russ has established 3 Guinness World Records:- Parallel parking in the tightest space, J Turn in the tightest space and the fastest do-nuts

Russ has had a long relationship with MINI. Winning 4 British Autotest Championships and an International Rally in Sweden in his Cooper S in the early eighties. He has recently spent some time promoting the new “Italian Job” film with displays at premieres in New York and London.

The vehicles used for most of Russ's display performances are absolutely standard specification. Vehicles driven on two wheels have only one modification – a locked differential. This car will be driven on two wheels, with a bit of luck!! Russ gets a maximum of 3 miles from a set of tyres.

Russ also acts as an advisor to many Police, Military, Royal and Diplomatic drivers and works closely with the Police, ROSPA, the IAM and various road safety bodies to promote safe driving.


Phone: +44(0) 7836 536840


The Russ Swift Precision Driving Team is available to perform at the following events :

  • Motor Shows
  • Motor Sport Events
  • Track Days
  • Corporate Events
  • Open Days
  • TV Commercials
  • Car Launches
  • Opening Events
  • Product Launches
  • Dealer Events
  • Conferences
  • TV
  • TV Commercials
  • Press Features

A typical show includes three vehicles, The car used for most of the display is standard specification. A second car has only one modification – a locked differential. This car will be driven on two wheels, with a bit of luck! On the 2 wheeler, Russ gets a maximum of 3 miles from a set of tyres.

An element of humour is built into the show and passengers can be taken . A high quality sound system can be provided which includes radio microphone, CD player and generator. Public Liability Insurance is provided for £5,000,000 and all props are provided by Russ Swift.

The Russ Swift Precision Driving Team can tailor an event to meet your individual requirements. Please do not hesitate to contact Russ should you require any further information.


Smith & Allan
Brian James Trailers
Mini Seal & Protect
Auto Centre


I am a news post
by Russ Swift

I am a news post
by Russ Swift

I am a news post
by Russ Swift

I am a news post
by Russ Swift

I am a news post
by Russ Swift

I am a news post
by Russ Swift


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